P.Tech an initiative to solve the existential issue of Engineering education in India!

In the world of technology, change is the only thing which is permanent. Technology is on course to the next phase of human evolution but this evolution doesn’t come on its own. We need people to learn and implement technology in order to take it forward. Our students are at the helm of this change and are the most fertile ground for sowing seeds for the next technological revolution.  P.Tech Club enables young engineering graduates to learn cutting-edge technologies from the best engineers & technologists in the world.


Need for P.Tech

According to various media reports, more than 80% of engineering graduates are unemployable. Some media reports even peg this data to be more than 92%. Higher education in India has failed to deliver job guarantee, let alone taking lead in technological advancements. Engineering colleges are not able to cope up with the rapid changes in technology and therefore the skills and technologies that students learn during his B.Tech degree may become outdated after passing out in 4 years. Faculty in these colleges have not worked with the current trending technologies and therefore lack hands-on expertise in cutting-edge technologies of the future. P.Tech Club promises to change this by providing top-notch projects clubbed with hands-on practical exposure and mentoring delivered by working professionals thus disrupting the existing higher education framework in India.


What is P.Tech Club

P.Tech Club is a community wherein students from different colleges compete with each other in different real-world projects and assignments involving cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning, UX and Game designing. In P.Tech Club, students are assigned different technical problems and the student needs to come up with the solution for the problem, students can also chat or mail the mentors if they require assistance in any way. These projects are a learning curve for students as the student learns by doing and the difficulty level also increases with the completion of subsequent projects. P.Tech engages students in advanced technologies and computer languages and skills, this makes them highly employable as compared to a normal B.Tech holder.


Advantages of P.Tech Club

  • Practical exposure to cutting-edge technologies
  • Interesting projects to work on
  • Giving students a chance to show their talents apart from studies
  • Students with best projects get a shout-out on our social platforms
  • Students gain expertise on hot topics like Machine Learning, UX and Game designing
  • Students can also opt for project certification which adds great value in getting hired



P.Tech Club is the next step in the direction of higher education. It wishes to make education accountable, interesting and a medium for progress, this can only be achieved by shifting the learning process beyond the 4 walls of classrooms, expose students to the infinite possibilities which technology offers, giving them space to think, the opportunity to ask questions and provide right guidance whenever they need it.  Let us show the path and our students will grab the stars.